Our Books & Our Team

Live in the Present; Learn; Love; Laugh; Let Go & Leave a Legacy. c 2023

Samples of our 20 Published books/Awards:

World Guinness Book with 121 co authors.
The Handbook of Holistic Health H3, 2019 with 21 co authors.


Text/Phone: 416 562 3140; Email: drgrantwellness@gmail.com

Your 101 Ways to live Healthy, Wealthy, Sexy and Wise to 111.

E Book: Only $4.95 http://www.your101ways.com

The Tea Tree Oil Bible, Dr. George Grant & Dr. Elvis Ali $19.95


Your Cure for Cancer, Dr. George Grant, Dr. Charles McWilliams $19.95

















Our Scientists & Mastermind TEAM I aspire to inspire until I expire.

Our Top Doctors/Scientists/Speakers/Athletes and Affiliates:



The information in this site is for Education Purpose Only. It is NOT intended to diagnose, Cure any disease. It is NOT approved by Health Canada, FDA or CDC.

Professor George Grant, Ph.D. Worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, with MOU with FDA & CDC for 10 years.

Professor George Grant, Ph.D. is Not affiliated with CMA. We Care, Serve & Educate. We do NOT Medicate, Operate, Irradiate, Amputate, Vaccinate.



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