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The Following Professional Development Online Courses are Required to complete your Doctorate Degree after completing the equivalent of B.Sc. and M.Sc. and completing your Doctorate Thesis.

All courses are approved by the World Organization of Natural Medicine and all degrees are approved worldwide.

Working Experience will be evaluated for equivalency for undergraduate degrees.

We accept payments for these online courses by E transfer or pay pal using You can pay monthly $500 interest free until you pay the balance of all courses.

List Of Online Virtual Courses:

1. AO Mobile Virtual Biofeedback Voice Scan. Once you purchase the APP only $149 monthly subscription from The Company SOLEX. We will start training & certification to become AO Mobile Biofeedback Therapist. This course will count towards your degree.

We use HI [Human Intelligence] & AI to detect the root cause of the red flags during the Virtual Frequency Voice Scan and recommend using Natural Remedies to reverse the challenge.

AO Scan Advanced Frequency Medicine online assessment. $1500. Only $250 for students who have Purchased the AO Scan.Up tp 10 Hours for Training & Certification. Voice/Vitals/Comprehensive/SEFI [Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter]

Did you know that your body has an electromagnetic field and communicates via energy?

Life is made up of energy (your bio field) and that energy has its own resonance bio field medicine sees disease and suffering as disruptions. In a state of disease, you have simply lost your optimal frequency.

From this perspective, optimizing and recalibrating the biofield and energetic body is possible via energy, frequency and vibration, to create a systemic resonance of healing.

Live in the Present; Learn; Love; Laugh; Let Go & Leave a Legacy.

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Frequency Download Software:

2. Biofeedback /Neurofeedback Bio resonance Testing only $1497 including the device [ $550] & Hands on Training & Certification. Learn Biofeedback Assessment that measures frequency for all key body organs which correlates with CBC blood test by over 90% and determine the root cause of body imbalance. No refund for this hands on training for approximately 10-20 hours that leads to certification in Biofeedback.

3. Orthomolecular Nutrition. 11 assignments to be done online only $1497.Learn the basic information in Nutrition as well as advanced training in Orthomolecular Nutrition. Approx. 30-33 hours online training.

4.Integrative/Functional/Lifestyle Medicine [IM/FM/LM]11 online assignments.

only $1497. Integrative/Functional/Lifestyle Medicine [IM/FM/LM]11 online assignments.

Learn the facts about the Medicines of the Future:

IM [Integrative Medicine] The best combination of Western & Eastern Medicine; learn how Pharmacology/Toxicology can help your clients understand the benefits & Risks of taking Prescription Medicine and/or Over the Counter Medicines OTC with short & Long term Physiological effects on every cell, tissue, organs & system in the body.

FM[ Functional Medicine]Gut Health is related to how healthy all other body organs; Healthy Gut = Healthy brain. Why it is important to supplement with Pre/Pro & Post Biotics daily that are Acid Resistant & Heat resistant for maximum Bioavailability. FM = Frequency Medicine; The Medicine of the Future.

LM [ Lifestyle Medicine]. Most imbalances in the body are related to diet, lifestyle & stress. Understanding Lifestyle factors and daily habits like Diet, Exercise, Breathing and Hydration can have profound impact on our health. You will learn from the Wellness IQ at how to prevent & reverse acute disease simply by lifestyle changes.Approx. 30-33 hours online training.

5. Biocranial Natural Pain Treatment Hands on Training only $1497. Approx. 3 hours. In Person Only.

6. SCIO/EPFX/INDIGO/EDUCTOR Software Training $1497 only including 25 Hours of online or Hands on training. Device is NOT included. Approx. 30-40 hours

7. Frequency Medicine 11 online assignments approx. 30-33 hours. $1497

8. Wellness online course 11 assignments approx. 30 hours. $1497.

9. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Toxicology as related to IM/FM/LM including Drug/Drug & Drug/Nutrients Interactions. Only 11 online assignments. $1497 approx. 30 hours

10. Basic, Intermediate and advanced Pharmacology as related to IM/FM/LM including acute & chronic side effects of most prescribed as well as OTC medications. Only 11 assignments. $1497 Approx. 30 hours.

11. Antiaging Online Course. 11 online assignments. $1497. Approx. 30 hours.

12. Doctoral Thesis: Original Research Project. Clinical Trials on 12-24 Subjects over 3-6 months on the topic selected. Results should be published in Scientific Journals before the Thesis is defended.;;


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