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Testimonials 5 Stars Reviews:


Ratings for Professor George Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D., D.H.S.

Dr. Grant was very patient with me. I have a lot of info to go back over but I definitely feel with the guidance he has given me I can turn things around concerning my health and live a much more productive and healthy life. Thank you Dr. Grant!

Thanks for your priceless advice and information to improve my overall health naturally. Loved your sense of humor, warmth and extensive knowledge. Will refer all family & friends.

Dr.Grant was awesome and so friendly. He made me feel comfortable about my health and how he can help me get to a better state. He was knowledgeable about what is going on without me saying much to him. Looking forward to working with him in the future and sharing him with friends.

Prof. Grant gave me a wealth of helpful information!

I love the patience he had for me. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much

I love Dr. Grant! His sense of humour, his energy, and laughter are hard to come by – not to mention his knowledge and resourcefulness speaks for itself. We need more doctors – let alone people – like him.

I went to see Prof. Grant and brought my 93 year old mother along. To say I am delighted would be an understatement. I never expected him to be so thorough! He spent a few hours with us, going over our issues and doing some tests. I felt confident (even excited) to implement his proposed (easy) lifestyle changes and start on his supplements. A few days later, I’m DEFINITELY feeling better, and my mother reports less pain, more energy and a better nights sleep. Her normally weak squeaky voice is louder and strong and her balance is noticeably improved. I highly recommend Dr. Grant, in fact I’ll be taking both my husband and my daughter to see him .

After my first visit with Dr Grant I had the best sleep in my life, after years of back pain so glad I can stand straight again, the knowledge he has is beyond anything I have ever experienced, I am about to become a better and healthier version of my self.

It was a pleasure to meet with Dr Grant. Very informative and up lifting to say the least. I now am in the path of healing specifically created for me. I am very happy with all that I have learned and been supported with. Maddy Whitehouse

Few people alive have as much knowledge and experience as Dr. Grant and even fewer are as caring. He was giving, caring, open-minded, and understands health holistically. You will thank yourself later for coming to see Dr. Grant! I strongly recommend

Prof Grant was wonderful he is so knowledgeable and caring! I was so impressed with his body scan! He takes time to really help you and we did it on zoom! You will learn about your whole body! It was amazing I would recommend him highly if you are having health problems!

Prof. Grant took his time and shared his expertise with me. I came away with greater understanding of how to achieve health that was personalised to me.

I had heard my close friend rave about Dr. Grant for close to a year before I met him personally. When I did meet him and have an opportunity to have him work on my neck as well as Purchase some medical equipment for my practice and for my personal use, I finally understood what she was talking about. Doctor Grant is so welcoming help helping caring energetic and sweet. His passion for helping others heal is infinite. After a year of having my neck worked on by Chiros, Physios, Muscle Activation and Massage Therapy weekly, nothing helped my neck in the way Dr. Grant did in literally 2 minutes. I am extremely grateful to have met and to work with Dr. Grant. Shelley

Very informative and knowledgeable! In the age of everything going virtual, with Dr. Grant you get a complete test without going to any facility. The AO Scan will do everything similar to MRI, Xray and all diagnostic tests ALL IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME! Try it out! You will not be disappointed!

I went into the live quite nervous. Prof. Grant made me relax right away! The live became fun, I laughed so much and through it learned a great deal. His knowledge of natural healing is uncanny. His ability to show you where your body is lacking and where it is already healthy, without even sitting in front of him is refreshingly amazing!! I am in awe of his skills and professional aptitude. Thank you so much for helping me see myself as I truly am from head to toe, and showing me exactly what I need to do to live fully.

Thanks for the very informative Virtual Mobile AO SCAN. VERY ACCURATE AND INFORMATIVE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Very informative and comprehensive meeting! I found this information to be incredibly helpful and am very glad to have made this contact. My future health looks bright!

Our Philosophy with our Clients: We Care, Serve & Educate. We Do Not Medicate, Operate, Irradiate nor Irritate.

Live to the fullest, Love unconditionally, Learn daily, Laugh always, Let Go and Leave a Legacy forever.

Live the life you Love; Love the Life you Live. Live without Pretending/Love without Depending/Listen without Defending/Speak without Offending. I aspire to inspire until I expire.

Testimonial From Gregory Hall, Toronto, ON. Canada:

For almost thirty years. I seen over forty specialists. I have had to threaten doctors to perform specialised test to believe my pain is real. Well after countless inconclusive results. Professor George Grant actually found out what my problems were. And it took 5 min. And it was the first time someone actually made me pain free. With hope of curing the pain once and for all. I have been in a wheel chair for a month. I have had biopsy and surgeries. I have missed time from work. Gave up on making more children. All because of normal medicine. I feel optimistic after so long I can be pain free. Now that I met the Professor George Grant. I now know traditional medicine is not normal. It was helping to mask pain and doing more harm then good. Please tell anyone in pain go see George Grant, tell them Gregory Hall referral is painless.

Prof. Grant is one of the most capable scientist, accomplished, like your best friend ever doctor I have ever come across. His knowledge on natural health and nutrition far surpasses anyone I have worked with so far.. Thank you, Prof. Grant. You are a gem!

Prof. Grant is extremely knowledgeable. We completed an AO Scan including results that elicited sound therapy treatment and knowledge about my body and vital organs I was previously unaware of. The testing was very detailed and accurate. A holistic plan for better health and well being was presented and I am on my way to feeling my best in 2021. I am looking forward to seeing my progress.

Prof. Grant helped me experience pain relief immediately on first visit. I had been suffering from severe neck and back pain for months. Did 2 physiotherapy sessions in January 2021 and it was a waste of time no improvement at all. I’m so grateful that Dr. Grant took the time to carefully get to the source of my issue and also release the pain. He identified other health concerns which I’m not addressing using his recommendation of supplement, breathing exercises and nutrition. I highly recommend Dr. Grant.

I met Prof. Grant through the Turning Point 2020 Conference. He was one of the speakers. His passion for helping people to achieve better health is his priority. At the end of his talk he offered a complimentary Wellness IQ. He invited the participants to email him the results. The conference presenter was really impressed with Dr. Grant’s kindness. Take in consideration we had about 200,000 attendees at the conference. I immediately took the Wellness IQ and emailed my results. Within 3 minutes Dr. Grant replied and we set up for a Zoom meet for the next day. Dr. Grant did the Inner Voice, Vital Scan. and Comprehensive AO Scan. These tests are absolutely accurate and in detail about your health and body. The tests have the ability to perform remote scans which is beneficial for those you can not visit in person. Through these tests we were able to pinpoint areas that my health needed to improve. Also other recommendations were made, for example, belly breathing, shoulder shrugs for my neck, chest exercises (which Prof. Grant calls them the King Kong. a great way to remember them), lymph node massages, and great supplements from Melaleuca company. And thanks to all his recommendations I am feeling much better. Prof. Grant gives his recommendations allowing his clients to make the decision if they want to put them in practice. He is a good listener, takes time discussing the recommendations, answers all your questions, is kind, and very knowledgeable about human health. Overall I feel great :). I highly recommend Prof. Grant. Thank you Dr. Grant you are an amazing doctor, human being, and a beautiful soul. God bless you.

Prof. Grant is one of the most accomplished individuals I have ever come across. His wealth of knowledge on health and nutrition far surpasses anyone I have worked with to date. What’s more, Dr. Grant’s accomplishments come from a heart that cares and wants people to heal from the inside out. I experienced this first hand. After only one session, I reaped the reward of Dr. Grant’s methods. I made the healthy detox drink the same day of our session, which yielded immediate benefits. I felt better. Also, I put into practice the daily movement and breath work that Prof. Grant recommends. This process has gradually increased my energy. It is exciting to think that my health will continue to improve as my journey with Prof. Grant continues. Thank you, Dr. Grant. You are a gem!

Most AMAZING thing I’ve ever seen! More detailed than any “western medicine” testing I’ve ever had. Dr. Grant is the most caring person I’ve ever dealt with. He takes so much time to go over every aspect of the results. I was in chronic pain and had insomnia. I had one call with him and before I even started taking the supplements, I had already seen a drastic improvement from little things he recommended. Now we are working on my sugar intake and losing weight. I can’t say enough good things about him. If you’re having second thoughts, don’t. He is a genuine caring person that is dedicated to helping others get healthy and live longer!

Gwen Rose, Dr. Grant is an excellent practitioner and a very informed, caring and compassionate person.

Joanne Chrobotjoannec@knowledgeworksglobal.comBrampton, ON”

Prof. Grant is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to your health and caring about his clients.

Yvonne Oswald PhDGlobal WelcomeNiagara Falls, ON”

Prof. Grant is An amazing mover and shaker.

Norma Reynes MD.NRMD Integral WellnessMiddlebrg

Thank you for inviting me. Well done.

Trudi (Marie) Trahan-upchanTrudi Trahan-upchansudbury, ON”

Wellness information is the only way to prevent disease and or control them without necessity

Dorri BlandDowntown Spa & Relaxation CentreGeorgetown, ON”Highly recommend Dr. Grant for his holistic approach to wellness and optimum health

Miki SmithNext Generation TherapeuticsEvergreen, CO”Biofeedback, a tool any medical professional should be using to find the root of the clients.

Rochelle Stern West Coast Mint San Diego, CA”Dr. Grant is a compassionate and brilliant practitioner. He has unique diagnostic and treatment.

Benjamin Stone The Green OwlBobcaygeon, ON”Knowledge and kindness. A desire for wellness and wellbeing are at the forefront”

Susanne D.P.WitteI BELIEVE GLOBALRichmond Hill, ON”Wellness a part of life we need to take Cate yourself. So let’s get some care taking and learn.

MarcellinBradleyGale Media GroupMarkham, ON”I found Dr. Grant to be a caring physician who focuses on prevention and uses a holistic approach.

Maggie Holbik.comMaggie Holbik of Crystal Clear Coaching & Webpros2Thunder Bay, ON”I had a ZOOM meeting with Professor Grant and what a delight! He definitely lives.

Gail SoucyThe BioMat Company Gainesville, FL”Dr. Grant has many tool at his disposal– one of them being the wonderful BioMat!”

vicky sturgeonTickle Trunk Costumes & Props Mississauga, ON” Dr. Grant has been very effective in solving peoples health issues for more than 20 years i have.

Carlton Facey Greater Highway Redemption MinistriesMaple, ON”Proven trusted company .

Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD Dr Helen Z North York, ON”He is committed to his clients’ health and well being.

Theresa Johnson4 Points WellnessSussex, WI”Love Dr. Grant and all of his knowledge and he will always answer email questions, unlike any.

Nellie Terzieva, MBA, CIPSNellie Terzieva, MBA, CIPS, The MBA GROUP International Real Estate Canada . USA . Europe . South America . AsiaToronto, ON”Dr. George Grand is unbelievable doctor. He can see you and in few minutes he can tell you what is the root cause of the problem.

Marise Foster Numa WellbeingNewmarket, ON”Thank you Dr. Grant for the Biofeedback analysis and sharing your expertise with me.

Jasna KrunicMY LIFE FORCENorth York, ON”Dr. Grant is very helpful, knowledgeable and has a very positive personality.

Todd MillerPodcastExperts.caAjax, ON”Dr. Grant’s heart-lead mission is to provide better health to his clients, and I’ve witnessed the.

Maria Morgis F H & Sons Manufacturing Ltd Etobicoke, ON”Dr Grant is amazing – can’t say enough good about him!”

Vladimir Dorozhinsky Di EnTra System Moorpark, CA”One of the best!”

Beverly Ferguson Road to ReNew You Stouffville, ON”Wednesday I spent the afternoon with Dr. Grant. I was helped immensely with pain issues

Robert Butwin Success StrategistSanta Rosa, CA”George is a master at his craft. I have know him close to 20 years”

Henry Zeifman PERFECT SLEEP PAD North York, ON”Dr Grant is a wealth of Knowledge. He healed my neck with a very unique manipulation.

Marlene GeorgeLife Wellness and Business Coach Brampton, ON”Professional genuine caring service.”

Winnifred WalcottOwen Sound WellnessOwen Sound, ON”Dr. George Grant is a wonderful person, I have the honour to meet him several years ago and he…”Read moreLike1SaveRefer

Kevin LankfordThe H.I.D.E. Income StrategyGreenbelt, MD”Dr. Grant is very knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and building a business.

Rosa Lokaisingh Connecting YOU Mississauga, ON”I highly recommend Dr. George Grant as he is an expert in health and really cares about his…

Monica CzornyBio-Wellness PEMF Recharge Toronto, ON”Prof George is the caring Prof.. Naturally”

Todd Stockwell Consulting tru.expertAllen Park, MI”George is doing great work in helping people step out of their normal health problems and into.

Dr. Phil Harris BSc MA Mdiv Clinical Wellness Solutions Carmel, IN”Very Knowledgeable, and teaches , not just treats symptoms so the end result is consistent

Thomas Barnard Fresh Medical Spa Windsor, ON”Dr Grant has been a long time advocate of functional approaches to overall wellness and has extensive experience in Natural Medicine.

Hester BauerNewudivasOakville, ON”Dr. Grant is well versed in the area of wellness and health.

John Bryant, CPA, CMA Bryant Enterprises Orangeville, ON”Dr. Grant’s treatments were a great help to my granddaughter who has a combination of wellness..

Charles TchoreretThe Greatness TrilogyLaval, QC”I personally worked with Dr George Grant as my holistic therapist and I would recommend him any.

Michelle MendozaMichelle Mendoza Realtor Buy or Sell Call MichelleYork, ON”Very thorough exam and treatment I found them to be a pleasure to work with me”Like1SaveRefer

Margaret Rose-Jackson English Rose Homeopathy **Registered Homeopath**picton, ON”Excellent work. Thanks.

True Health Care:Focus on Prevention, Proactive, Self Care, Use Integrative/Functional Lifestyle Medicines, Natural Solutions

Sick Care: Focus on Intervention, Reactive, Crisis Care, Allopathic medicine, Medications, Surgeries. Side Effects/Complications.

We Care, Serve and Educate. We Do Not Medicate, Operate, Irradiate & Vaccinate or Irritate.



Many Thanks to all our loyal clients for rating us above as well as Google. Thanks for Sharing & Caring.

Thank you so much Professor Dr.George Grant.Ph.D.for healing our daughter chronic headache. Your exceptional care and love to your patients is amazing! You inspired Maria to be like you! Thank you Maricel Gonzalesfor reaching him for us. You did everything in your power to have Maria healed of her pain.you both are amazing! Liza Salvadore Austria, Sask. Canada. Maricel Gonzales and Dr. George Grant are co-authors of a book H3 Holistic Health.

What makes Professor Prof. George Grant unique is his ability to pinpoint exactly what is going on in the body and also how to rectify the body holistically. The fact that he is also kindhearted and so full of joy makes each visit enjoyable too. Thank you Dr Grant. So excited to be working with you again! Mindy www.bodyPROUD.com

The awareness and knowledge that Professor Dr George Grant, Ph.D. shared has helped me to get my health back onto the right pathway. I am absolutely thrilled to have reconnected with him after many years. Almost 10 years ago I invited him to speak at one of the expos that I organised and am grateful to have made the connection all those years ago. Jeffrey Kipple.

Thank you Prof. Grant. You are one of my favourite people! I have so much respect for you, I will never stop thanking God that you were able to help me get rid of Fibromyalgia! My heart aches for all the people who suffer from Fibromyalgia, but are not willing to change their eating habits. Because of you I have better quality of life! Susan R., Chicago, Il. USA.

Thanks Prof. Grant for helping my neck pain with your natural non invasive Biocranial & Your Unique Biofeedback to detect accurately the root cause of my challenges. Keep up your Amazing work for helping people to live healthy to 111.

GYMGUYZ VaughanThornhill ON -Personal Trainer

Prof. Grant is a brilliant man with a mission to help as many people as he can. It is a true pleasure to connect with him to align our services to help more individuals reach optimal health in all aspects of life.

Bryant EnterprisesOrangeville ON Prof. Grant’s treatments were a great help to my granddaughter who has a combination of wellness issues. She has epilepsy, autism, and severe cognitive delay. Dr. Grant was more helpful that others who have seen her.

NewudivasOakville ON, Health

Prof. Grant is well versed in the area of wellness and health.

Fresh Medical SpaWindsor ON -Health & Beauty

Prof. Grant has been a long time advocate of functional approaches to overall wellness and has championed innovative solutions to difficult health challenges such as TBI

Clinical Wellness SolutionsCarmel IN Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Prof. George Grant, Ph.D. is Very Knowledgeable Natural Doctor, and teacher , not just treats symptoms so the end result is consistent and lasting results.

Bio-Wellness LifestyleToronto ON -Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Prof. George is the caring Prof.. Naturally. Best Natural Pain Treatment.

Connecting YOUMississauga ON I highly recommend Dr. George Grant as he is an expert in health and really cares about his patients’ well being and long term care. His courteous and professional approach goes a long way!

The H.I.D.E. Income StrategyGreenbelt MD •

Dr. Grant is very knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and building a business.

The Wellness CompanyMonument CO Health & Wellness Website.

I have known Dr. Grant for many years and would highly recommend him to everyone. A couple of years ago, we both attended a company convention and I was having severe back issues. He saw I was in distress and immediately came to the rescue. He is truly one of the kindest men I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

Owen Sound WellnessOwen Sound ON. NutritionDr. George Grant is a wonderful person, I have the honour to meet him several years ago and he deeply cares about his clients. Thanks for the work you do Dr. Grant.

Life Wellness and Business CoachBrampton ON Alternative & Holistic Health ServiceProfessional genuine caring service.RecommendingPERFECT SLEEPPADNorth York ON -Health

Prof. Grant is a wealth of Knowledge. He healed my neck with a very unique manipulation. Increased mobility. Very cool.

Success StrategistSanta Rosa CA Marketing Consultant

Prof. George is a master at his craft. I have know him close to 20 years.

Road to ReNewYouStouffville ON -Aromatherapy ServiceWednesday

I spent the afternoon with Dr. Grant. I was helped immensely with pain issues and learned lots! Genuinly nice man.

EnTraSystemMoorpark CA 2192.4 mi away -Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care.One of the best!

F H & Sons Manufacturing LtdEtobicoke ON

Prof. Grant is amazing – can’t say enough good about him!

Academy Of Wellness, Helping clients, corporations and non profits worldwideRichmond Hill ON.

Prof. Grant is considered the Canadian authority in integrative/Functional ^ Lifestyle and a global wellness ambassador. Prof. Grant has a stellar academic and an outstanding academic career in research. He is a scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management and a pain specialist. Prof. Grant worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC as well as in private practice. Denise Roy.

Red Cap Holistic Inc.Toronto ON

Prof. George Grant is an amazing Doctor. I would recommend him to everyone regards to any physical condition they are wanting to heal. His knowledge and expertise in the field will transform your life. If you have any sort of pain Dr Grant will assist you in getting your health back and becoming pain free.

PodcastExperts.caAjax ON Media/newsCompany

Prof. Grant has a heart-lead mission is to provide better health to his clients, and I have witnessed the results first-hand. Highly recommended!

Numa WellbeingNewmarket ON -Medical CenterThank you

Dr. Grant for the Biofeedback analysis and sharing your expertise with me. I look forward to furthering our professional alliance in creating wellness in our community.

Amin RoomaniGeorge Grant– Prof. Grant -you are the best my friend and continue to shine.

Lizy TriThe best Prof In the world.

Trevor DoreyWithout a Question the most amazing doctor ever , I am so blessed to have met and know this man?thank you so much Dr Grant for all your help and healing . In less then 3 months I feel at least 10 -15 years younger , and healthier than I can ever recall , I can’t even believe it , I have more energy , stamina , endurance, strength and vitality then I did when I was 25 , words can’t describe how thankful and great full I am.

Student’s Testimonials:
1. Although I failed your class you taught me the grandeur of life. You were not only a chemistry professor, you were a life teacher. I remember that you once said that any human being is capable of doing anything he/she aspires to do. I have grown older and wiser than before and although I am not a technologist, I produce natural cures such as ORMUS, colloidal gold, silver and oil of metals. If I have anybody at Seneca to thank for the success in my life it is solely you Prof. Grant. Thank you so kindly for your words of inspiration they had a tremendous impact in my life. Every skill I have learned with you is being employed nowadays and my thirst for chemical knowledge has grown considerably. When I look back I regret not making the best of that opportunity, but there’s always a brighter tomorrow to look forward to. Your positive outlook on life radiates onto others and gives others hope. If not at the moment, then later for sure. Thank you,
Gerson Alves

2. It was so nice to see you at the ODAA meeting today, after so many years. Although, I know you as Mr. Grant,
my chemistry professor, from Seneca College. It was so wonderful to hear that you became such a great doctor, who
is helping so many people. I just love to hear when doctors try to use natural medicine, to help the patients, instead of giving them prescriptions for every little thing, easily fixable with little changes in their diets.

Your lecture today was the best; then again, you always made classes so much fun because of your positive and sunny outlook on life. I always enjoy listening about healthy and natural foods and supplements, because I also stay away from all the genetically engineered foods and unhealthy foods. I also found out something new, from your lecture, about Vitamin D. I thought that you should only have 1000IU per day, but you mention that you can have as much as 10,000IU/day.
I hope that you can give more lectures at ODAA meetings because your lectures are so informative and interesting, plus your energy is so great that people want to be in your presence all the time.
Best regards, Aneta Oczynski


The information in this site is for Education Purpose Only. It is NOT intended to diagnose, Cure any disease. It is NOT approved by Health Canada, FDA or CDC.

Professor George Grant, Ph.D. Worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, with MOU with FDA & CDC for 10 years.

Professor George Grant, Ph.D. is Not affiliated with CMA. We Care, Serve & Educate. We do NOT Medicate, Operate, Irradiate, Amputate, Vaccinate.