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Upcoming Retreat Dates:

Location: Royal Harbor Resort, Thornbury, ON. Canada

March 3 to March 10, 2024

April 28 to May 5th

Sep 1- 6, 2024.

Oct. 6th to Oct. 13th

Nov. 10 to Nov. 17th

Dec. 29 to Jan.5, 2025

Watch Sunrise & Sunset on beautiful Georgian Bay & Majestic Blue Mountain.

The cost is $99/night based on double occupancy Including Healthy Snacks, Coffee. and sandwiches RSVP ASAP since spaces are limited and based on first come first served. You can bring your own food. Dinner can be arranged upon request. Book Now. Only 4 spots available in each date. 25% Discount for our students & affiliates.

AO Biofeedback Testing [2], Biocranial Pain Treatment [2], Massage, Yoga, Detox Workshop.

Learning from each other about Integrative/Functional/Lifestyle Medicine [Priceless]

No Refund. No Kids/No pets/No smoking allowed.

Take a day or weekend to rejuvenate, relax, de-stress and learn about health and wellness. Bring your partner, friends, loved ones anyone who is looking to improve their health and wants to be by beautiful water and scenery.

Dr. George Grant will be holding wellness information seminars. Many ways to improve your health immediately and Dr. George Grant True care: focus on prevention, proactive, self care, lifestyle medicine and natural solutions. We offer seminars on Detoxification, drainage, weight management and antiaging by holistic nutrition.

Services offered by Prof. Dr. Biofeedback Testing, AO Voice Scan Test, Biocranial Pain Treatment, foot detox, BIO Biomat Therapy, Health Magnetic Analyzer.

Book ASAP by email:;to book your spot.

Method of Payment: E transfer.Paypal (

True Health Care: Focus on Prevention, Proactive, Self Care, Use Integrative/Functional Lifestyle Medicines, Natural Solutions

Sick Care: Focus on Intervention, Reactive, Crisis Care, Allopathic medicine, Medications, Surgeries. Side Effects/Complications.

We Care, Serve and Educate. We Do Not Medicate, Operate, Irradiate & Vaccinate or Irritate.


The information in this site is for Education Purpose Only. It is NOT intended to diagnose, Cure any disease. It is NOT approved by Health Canada, FDA or CDC.

Professor Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. Worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, with MOU with FDA & CDC for 10 years.

Professor Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. is Not affiliated with CMA. We Care, Serve & Educate. We do NOT Medicate, Operate, Irradiate, Amputate.